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SWAT police officers during training

Fund a First Responder

Join us in empowering our courageous first responders! We've established a donation fund aimed at sponsoring a year of transformative jiu jitsu training for local heroes at 208 Jiu Jitsu, Nampa's renowned academy.

Why Jiu Jitsu? This martial art offers a unique blend of physical fitness and mental resilience. Training not only enhances strength, flexibility, and coordination but also fosters mental fortitude, stress relief, and confidence—crucial for those facing high-pressure situations daily.

Your contribution directly impacts these brave individuals, providing them with a year's worth of training, offering physical wellness and invaluable mental health support.

Take action now! Click the link below to donate and be a part of this impactful initiative. Let's unite to give back to those who selflessly serve our communities.

Donate here

Detaching Negativity, Inspiring Growth

At Detach Apparel, our mission is to ignite personal growth by encouraging individuals to detach from negativity and embrace a life of mindfulness, resilience, and continuous development. We believe in the transformative power of letting go, and our brand stands as a beacon for those seeking a better version of themselves.

We are dedicated to fostering a community that thrives on mindfulness, where staying present is the key to finding purpose and passion in each moment. Resilience is our foundation, equipping individuals to not only navigate life's complexities but to thrive amidst adversity.

Why officers should train jiu jitsu...